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“Massage isn’t just a luxury. It’s an investment into a happier and healthier life”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

I am honored to have helped many clients over the years manage pain from illness. Some conditions and medications/treatments are contraindicated for massage. For example, any client currently undergoing chemo or radiation treatments (or treatments dating within 1 year of initial appointment) must have signed clearance from their doctor(s). Treatments such as these (and/or their side effects) can cause massage to have a negative effect. 

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Prepare to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out the intake form. This includes prior massage experience (if any), medical history, and consent. 
Most clients feel more comfortable receiving massage after a recent warm shower. It helps to get the blood flowing and pre-warms the muscles. 

What should I expect from my first session?

I’ll escort you to the treatment room and the restroom, if needed. We will go over the plan for the session, show you where to place your belongings, and step out for you to undress and get comfortable on the table. I will knock before returning. Communication is key in the first session. I want to make sure I’m accessing your areas of concern, how the pressure feels throughout, and to ensure that you’re completely comfortable. 

How “undressed” am I supposed to get?

I get this question A LOT! “Undress to your comfort level” is so broad. 
Most people feel most comfortable dressing down to their boxers/panties, while others prefer to be completely nude under the sheet and blanket. Either is acceptable and proper draping techniques are used at all times. Private/sensitive areas are NEVER exposed. Preservation of my clients’ modesty is very important to me. 

Do you offer Military Discounts?

I am proud to offer $5 off to active duty, retired military members, and their immediate family! Please present military ID prior to checkout. 

Does Deep Tissue massage hurt? Will I be sore?

Deep Tissue techniques are often uncomfortable, but should never be very painful. One’s body must become acclimated to the pressure. If at any point you are in pain, please let me know! It may mean that the muscles are just too tightened to be loosened properly in one session. It takes time to “re-wire” the muscles to loosen up and stay looser for longer in between treatments. Soreness is absolutely common; even with just a firm pressure. Anything outside of your body’s normal activity can cause soreness, but it should only last a day or two. Plenty of water and down time after your session should help. 

Do you offer couples massages?

Short Answer: No. 
Longer Answer: A true couples massage includes both parties being on separate tables within the same room while they each receive treatments at the same time by 2 separate therapists. I don't have employees, therefore I’m unable to offer that experience. Although, I do have many couples that opt for back-to-back appointment times instead. 

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